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sad girls por vida

12 December
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80's movies, 80's music, a perfect circle, adam sandler, afi, alice in chains, american beauty, angelina jolie, armor for sleep, ashley judd, at the drive-in, ayn rand, bad religion, beastie boys, beck, beer, ben lee, ben stiller, better off dead, bettie page, bitch, blender magazine, blonde redhead, blondie, boys, cat power, cats, chasing amy, chicago, chino moreno, christina ricci, chuck palahnuik, coffee, coldplay, converse, cypress hill, dancing, daria, dashboard confessional, dave grohl, david bowie, dirty sweets, drew barrymore, effexor, eyeliner, faith no more, fiona apple, foo fighters, gabriel garcia marquez, garage, ghost world, girls, going to the movies, grrls, grunge, hole, indie, indie movies, jack black, janeane garafalo, jeff buckley, jimi hendrix, john lennon, john waters, keith caputo, kevin smith, life of agony, lip gloss, loli and the chones, luscious jackson, madonna, magnolia, mallrats, margaret cho, martin scorsese, mascara, mazzy star, memento, metal, moby, movies, mulholland drive, murder city devils, music, my hi-tops, my ipod, new wave, nin, nofx, offspring, pantera, pearl jam, pete yorn, pink floyd, pj harvey, portishead, pretty girls make graves, primus, pulp, pulp fiction, punk, punk planet, punk rock, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rage against the machine, rainer maria, rancid, rem, rhcp, rock, saves the day, six feet under, sleater-kinney, sonic youth, soundgarden, spin, starbucks frapps, static-x, stone temple pilots, sylvia plath, system of a down, tanqueray and tonic dirty, tanqueray gin, the beautys, the carpenters, the cure, the doors, the royal tenenbaums, the strokes, thursday, tiger army, toadies, tool, type o negative, vogue, waking life, walmart, white stripes, white zombie, winona ryder, yeah yeah yeahs