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possess nothing else belong to no one - sad girls por vida [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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possess nothing else belong to no one [Jun. 14th, 2004|05:23 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |blonde redhead- distilled]

oh my fucking god i'm fucking annoyed like fuck. as amanda would say..."i'm annoyed" hehe. today is my day off and i haven't done shit today. i got up, ate popcorn, watched tv and went to sleep again or something. i'm feeling anxious right now...brb...i just got back from throwing up this minute. i'm feeling better now. all of a sudden i got nautious. i dunno if its cos what i ate or from being annoyed and mad. my mom, sister, and neice are crazy. two of my sisters and my neice were about to leave to go to the hospital to see a friend of theirs who just had a baby, but then my sis and neice came back inside. before they left my neice was being annoying as fuck and was giving my sister attitude so i guess she kept it up in the car. my sister got pissed cos my mom left the rr door open when my sis was in there and she just started yelling, i dunno what about...i heard something like "i'm gonna start locking the fucking door"...maybe? lol. so they were yelling back and forth and when they stopped i went to the rr and it came out. grrr. i hate throwing up. this fucking sickness needs to go away already. thursday i woke up and it hurt really bad when i swallowed. friday afternoon before work i went to see this guy who isn't my usual doc (who has no sense of humor) and got some meds. i went to work and by the end of the day it hurt when i talked so i had to leave work cos i couldn't take it anymore. saturday i was feeling super shitty and i called in. i threw up 5 times that day. it was bad. my mom checked with my usual doc about the meds and turns out one of them usually always has the side effects i was experiencing including headaches, hot and cold flashes, vomiting and nausea...so she gave my mom a new med to give me and that one is working out better. yesterday i went to work and it wasn't too bad. i felt nautious when i first went in then it subsided a little later. i do believe that pretty much leaves us here with today...right this moment. lol. i'm feeling more calm now. i really need to clean my room...but i dunno when thats actually gonna happen! lol.

at blockbuster they have this awesome deal on movies...pay $25 and you can rent as many movies as you want in a 30 day period but you can only get two at a time. mine started thursday and that day i got thirteen and party monster. saturday i got american splendor and big fish. i might go later today and get more. right now i feel like going to practice driving. who wants to take me!? j.k. i dunno where anyone is right now...probably asleep, at work, or just doing something cool without me. lol. j/k. i'm out for now...gonna get something to eat. adios!