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it doesn't matter, i'll probably get hit by a car anyway [Mar. 29th, 2004|03:47 am]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |sunny day real estate- seven]

yes, i'm finally updating! its been like soo long. i just had a few things on my mind and figured i'd go ahead and update at the same time lol. tonight i watched the L Word at janina's on one of her showtimes and it got me thinking. i was thinking that i should be a little more impulsive about certain things...one of which would be kissing someone that i really want to kiss at work. my boss told me he has a girlfriend but that he's really nice. we always stare at eachother at work lol. its funny. i was telling janina today that i miss going out with boys. its been quite some time since i've actually gone out with one. i'm not complaining about my current situation. that of course, is still fun. hehe. i fell asleep at sarah's the other day and she said i was snoring! lol. thats funny. anywho...back to boys. lol. i'm reminded of going out with gilbert and aaron. those were good times. if aaron didn't have issues when we went out, i think we would have gone out for a long time. gilbert was always really polite towards me after we actually started talking. i remember the first time i met him he was a total dick to me and i was being a bitch to him and i hated him with a passion. haha. a month or so later and we were going out lol. silly stuff. lol.

things have been going pretty good with me lately. this pay period i've worked 14hrs overtime and i worked 6 days this week. today was technically my day off. lol. next weekend i'm not going to do extratime. my sister mari is coming into town so i plan on spending a lot of time with her. i'm trying to get my parents to bbq next sunday. i mentioned it to my dad today and he said okay. its gonna be great. i'm gonna get drunk and just chill out and enjoy the day. on friday i worked 12hrs. it wasn't too bad. i was just really tired that night but i went out anyway lol. one of my friends from work told me "you must really want that car!" lol because i was working on one of my days off. well its 5am i'm super tired. i had a blast today. i got to hang out with two of my sisters, my neice and janina. i'll finnish this later because i'm out of it! goodnight adios! hopefully this entry made sense! lol.
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wanna grow...grow up to be...be a debaser [Mar. 10th, 2004|10:22 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |pixies- debaser]

tonight i'm taking things easy. i got out of work 4hrs early. lol. so yep...i've just been here chillin. i don't feel like updating but i suppose i should anyway cos its been way too long. work is still the same but i'm trying to handle not working where i'd like to work within my company. its life. a few things they say don't make sense and seem like bullshit but for right now i'm gonna say fuck it and drop it. oh well. i haven't been going out too much lately. saturday i hung out with janina, lillian and danni. we had drinks at bennigans, ate at the schnitz then hung out at slick willies...and of course we smoked before and after every one of those places. lol. it was a lot of fun. i hung out with amanda, mimi, and elliot monday night. we chilled at elliott's apartment. it reminded me of the time we went to dennys and were laughing our asses off. it was fun. sarah came over last night and we hung out. it was nice, as per usual. hehe. she's coming over to pick me up so i suppose i should get ready lol. adios.
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better thank your lucky stars [Feb. 10th, 2004|02:07 am]
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[music |green day- waiting]

i'm excited. i just found this green day international super hits cd i thought i didn't make a copy of. i get to make a copy for lillian! yay! she will be very happy about that i'm sure. i made a copy of her cd a long time ago and now hers is all scratched and stuff so here comes gina to save the day. j/k.

my finger nails are purple. the color is "climax"...i wonder who the hell named it that. lol. weird.

today i figured out that if i just stare at my computer screen at work and don't look around at all, time flies by pretty fast. i'd say the highlight of my day was hanging out with amanda for like 5 minutes. lol. it would be very awesome if we had our breaks together but they're not. i think its pretty funny how amanda, elliott and i all have similar schedules and such. all coming in at 2, 2:30, and 3. amanda leaving for a break when i'm coming back. i'm trying to stay positive and hoping that one day i can work full time in ppd. the bonus would be working with amanda and elliott. that would be so much fun. hopefully someone will give me a break at work and let me be happy. my hands and wrists were hurting today at work. it sucked. i really need to go see my doctor and get an excuse so i can move to pdd for "less typing". :) i need to find my insurance stuff. its somewhere in my room lol. my room is messy as fuck right now.

my weekend was pretty nice and relaxing. saturday i just chilled out at my house til about 6pm or so. my family and i hung out at pizza hut for dinner. we hung out there for a really long time. it was nice to hang out with them. after that i went home and chilled. i fell asleep around 11 then woke up at 3 then fell back asleep at 7. sunday i went with my sister julie and lillian to the olive garden. it was good. after that we went to the movies to see monster. it was really good. it was really sad. charlize theron is a great actress. after that, lillian and i went to half priced books and looked around. i bought a couple of cds: madonna- ray of light, new order- greatest hits, U2- auchtung baby. we left there and went to barnes and noble for some fraps and hot chocolate. i came home after that.

last night my dad told me that a cousin of mine died about 7 days ago. i didn't know him though. he is my dads' cousins' son i think. he's around my age and lived in houston. i think the cause of death was some kind of overdose. alcohol or drugs, i'm not sure. RIP kiddo.

lent is coming up pretty soon. i was thinking about giving up the usual stuff...sweets and cokes...and *maybe* smoking...i dunno yet though. lol. we'll see. anywho...its fucking late...i'm gonna crash out now, i think. adios!
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and i need you now somehow [Jan. 19th, 2004|04:06 am]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |social distortion- i was wrong]

right now i was just thinking about how long its been since i've been in an actual relationship. it seems like it has been a while. i think this past year it was really only one i think. it was dating technically but whatever. i made out with a bunch of boys so that was cool too. haha. i hope this year i'll find someone i like.

my septum is doing really well. i'm very happy. :)

i had a super fun weekend!

friday i kicked it at my casa after some overtime at work. i did a lot of overtime at work this week, i'm super proud of myself! saturday i was pretty lazy during the day. the night was a different story. haha. lillian picked me up and we went to ?flashbacks? ,i think its called, so she could buy a bracelet...then we went to pizza hut. lillian let me practice driving too! yay! after that we went to the beach club for a hip hop show. hehe. we went out to support lillian's older bro. it was fun. after that we hooked up with my dancing partner ricky and headed over to the gayest place in the city! hehe. it was a bunch of fun! to end the night, we hung out with thelma and richard at thelma's work. it is always fun hanging with thelma! me and lillian laughed a lot that day and we were both in a really good/positive mood.

sunday i slept in but my sis woke me up at 2. we eventually got dressed and went to eat at the olive garden. it was yummy! we took our leftovers to our sister and kicked it at her house for a while and watched daria. we went to the movies to see "in the cut" or something like that. it is meg ryan's newest movie but its been out for some time. it was really good. i saw meg ryan's boobs and i wasn't let down. haha. it was very sexual...the entire movie. it was great. haha. after that my sis took me driving then we came home cos some friends from work were gonna pick me up. we hung out and played nintendo and i met some kids i had never seen before. it was nice and layed back. i got home around 2am.

i'm super fucking tired and i have to work tomorrow!!!! i'm sooo ready to crash the fuck out already!!! adios!
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never gonna be the same again [Jan. 11th, 2004|06:31 am]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

i had a pretty awesome past three days. the whole work week in general sucked ass but hanging out with friends was super. ("i'm super, thanks for asking!" hehe) thursday night lillian and i went to see love actually. it was such a cute movie. i liked it a lot. it was funny. after that we hung out at janina's. we watched old school and listened to a carpenters record. twas fun.
friday after work lillian and i picked up janina and headed over to bennigans. the service sucked ass. our waitress kept janina's and lillian's change. she was a bitch. i think we waited about 30mins or so just waiting around for her dumbass to bring it to them even after the hostess told her...as well as her fucking manager...and we even told her too! needless to say...i won't be going back there. the food as well as the service sucked. so....anywho....
we left there and went to forever art so i could get my septum pierced. they were closed but said "come on in!" hehe. everybody was just hanging out there so ben set everything up and pierced me. out of all my piercings, that one hurt the least! i couldn't believe it. it was the opposite of what i've always heard. he colored it purple to match my labret too! hehe. i'm gonna go back in about a month to trade the jewelry out. you can't see it at all right now unless you look up my nose lol. i don't plan on telling my parents for quite some time! they will soo kick my ass when they find out. lol. he pierced me for $45...you can't beat that with a stick! lol. i told my sisters but i don't think i'm going to tell my brother because he most likely will tell me shit amd tell my parents too. after we left there we stopped at HEB and picked up some alcoholic beverages then headed over to janina's. we watched reality bites and other movies.
today i slept in and went with my sister julie to pick up chic-fil-a then came home. my sister mari is home for the weekend so we all hung out in my room and watched an ellen degenerous special on hbo and laughed our asses off. she is the best! later on lillian and i went to barnes and noble to read and hang out. we saw my friend mike there and he hung out with us for like three hours. he was looking for a carl jung book but they didn't have it in stock. i bought a emily the strange calendar and a exercise ball package thingie. i blew up the ball and did the workout tonight. it was hard but cool. after b&n we went to eat then to visit thelma at work. i got dates of richard and rodrigo's bands next couple of shows so hopefully i can go check them out. i've heard really great things about them. i think they're some kind of hardcore band but i dunno. it was so cute, thelma called richard 'babe'. i think its always nice when couples have names for eachother or things like that. we left the kids then lillian let me practice driving in her car. it was great. i cannot wait til i get my license! we came back to my house and watched bottlerocket again. it is funny. luke and owen wilson are soo funny!
right now i'm watching the cheesiest movie ever made. haha. i think its called teen witch? i can't remember right now. i haven't seen this movie since the fucking 80's. i'm super fucking tired! its late as fuck and i should go to sleep! i'm out. adios!
oh yeah, i almost forgot to mention...on thursday and friday i had NO LATE MINUTES AT WORK! YAY! i'm really proud of myself because i'm late almost everyday! go me! hehe. okay, thats it. end.
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superman can you save me from my own insecurities? [Jan. 8th, 2004|01:10 am]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |bruce lee band- superman]

i haven't updated in forever. i have been meaning to do so, i swear! lol. i just finnished catching up with everybody through their journals. i'd say about half of them made me sad. i talked to lillian earlier. she wasn't feeling good. it sort of made me look at myself and i asked myself why i was feeling good? i had nothing to be happy about. lol. i'd say for about a good chunk of my work day i felt crappy. i was mad and sometimes when people called in and wanted two numbers it was like they were asking TOOO much of me! lol. i'm a complete idoit and bitch for being mean today. i'm usually always in a good mood and am very polite with everybody. i was monitored for about an hour today...thank god they told me before hand so i was on my best behavior like usual except for today. lol. i wonder how many people were listening to me. people from here and at our center in daytona were listening to me. they said i sounded very professional and whatnot. hehe. good stuff. i had a one on one with my supervisor today. it went pretty good. i usually try to take as much time as possible during those talks so i can be off the phone for a while. lol. today i'd say it was a good 20mins or so. lol. we talked about piercings, tattoos, and teachers. she totally helped me out this month. i had about 23 or so late minutes for the month of december and instead of writing me up, she just gave me a talk. last month after she gave me a talk, for two weeks straight i was not late for work at all. hopefully i can force myself to be on time every fucking day!!! today i used my cell phone as an alarm clock for the first time. it was soo cute! it even has snooze on it! very fucking cute! my alarm clock is not working anymore so i need to go buy a new one asap. maybe tomorrow after work? we'll see.

this weather totally has me down. last week i was doing great at walking everyday and this week has been sooo fucking cold it is impossible to be outside for more than a few minutes. monday i went outside to go walk and i walked for a tiny bit then said fuck it and went back inside because i couldn't hack it! i was thinking about going to one of those curves for women places. tempting. one of my sisters was like "why don't you just buy a trampoline and use it in your room? it will be a lot cheaper!". i dunno about that. hehe. tempting too. haha. i really don't want to spend money on a membership type thing or anything costly right now. saturday night lillian took me driving in her car. it was soo awesome!!! she got bored but i had a blast driving her car! she let me drive for a little bit by myself and omg it was just the best feeling ever. i felt alone and at peace and listening to music made it even more awesome. right now i totally have my eyes and mind set on saving up for a car. i can't wait til i can go on road trips with friends....drive up to austin, san antonio or houston to see bands play. this weather needs to stop already and just go back to being warm already! oh yeah, and it needs to stop raining too! i just sat here for a minute and i heard the rain and thought i'd just add that too. lol.

i finally talked to joe recently! yay! i was soo happy! i hadn't talked to him since august! yesterday i received two fat envelopes with a bunch of stories and etc. that he's written lately. it is amazing. him and leah are fantastic and i'm happy to hear that.

i wanted to take lillian a little "hope you feel better soon" gift but i didn't get to tonight. i put together all my change to buy her oreos. :) hopefully i can buy them tomorrow and take them to her. i dunno which she likes better though...regular or double stuffed. i like double stuffed better, but thats me. hehe. she loves oreos and i'm sure that will cheer her up a bit. i hope she is able to find a job soon for her sake as well as sanity. good luck sweetie! a few nights ago she picked me up from work. we got the schnitz and came to my house and we watched "bottlerocket". it was funny and cheesy.

i recently purchased some 6 gauge earrings. they rock hardcore! i love them! they were a little costly so i'm gonna wait many months til i buy a smaller gauge. this guy victor who pierces at strange horizons showed me a couple of cool catalogs with some realllly cool earrings in them. i'm looking forward to going back there sometime. the place is really badass. i almost got a septum piercing last week! $45 at forever art...thats a damn good deal if you ask me. my nose has been itchy all this week so its a good thing i didn't get it! i'm gonna wait a little longer on that one but i'm almost positive that will be my next piercing! yay!

i started my period today(yesterday technically)....yeah, cos you really wanted to know right? haha. for the past three months i've started on the 7th...strange stuff. in november, it lasted 3 weeks...december was 2 weeks...and i'm really hoping this month it will go back to normal and just be 5 days! 2003 was weird...body-wise. i think i made out with someone on half or so of the first days of my periods this year. lol. it was weird. i'd just so happen to meet someone and with my luck we would make out on the first day of my period. weird eh? i haven't made out with anyone this month yet. lol. anywho...i better go to bed...its past 2am already! goodnight! adios!
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all the weights that keep me down seem heavier than before [Dec. 25th, 2003|04:04 pm]
[music |apoptygma berzerk- until the end of the world]

hello hello. merry x-mas to all! i hope everybody is having a super day! i'm here at work...yep...but its okay. i do belive i will be able to finnish reading a couple of magazines i have or a book i have. its kinda slow today. it is kind of nice though. today they let me come in at 12:30 so i got to spend an extra 30 mins with my family. i got some cool schtuff. my sisters bought me: a my morning jacket cd, a realllllly cute black purse, a necklace (that i will get tomorrow) and a case for my ipod. my mom bought me pajama pants, a cute sweater and when i go home i'll get some $$$. woohoo. hehe. i still need to shop for a few family members. i bought my bro this badass pantera cd & dvd set. i saw it and sooo wanted it for myself but i thought he'd totally dig it as well. hehe.

oh yeah, i finally colored my hair. it rox. it is the usual dye job just in the front...except this time i didn't have a lot of color left over and i couldn't find the colors i love at the store so i did the front half blue and the back half purple. it looks pretty. :) i kinda feel like myself again. haha. j/k.

last weekend i saw some new movies. saturday night i saw the new lord of the rings movie. i was pretty tired so i wasn't totally awake the entire time. i didn't fall asleep though. i kept having to wake up my sister julie though. haha. we had just eaten at the olive garden then went straight to the movies. bad idea i .i need to go see it when i'm fully awake! sunday julie and i went to eat at cracker barrel but there was a 30min wait so we went to furrs instead for lunch. after that we saw mona lisa smile. it was really cool! anywho..i must go..my lunch break is over!!! adios!
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the room is on fire [Dec. 23rd, 2003|03:37 am]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |strokes- room on fire]

i've had the strokes in my head all day! i have been listening to their new album a lot since i bought it. i totally dig it! here are some random quizes! adios!

You're The RX Bandits!

You're very aware about the problems of the world.
You have very upstanding morals and you're
probably pretty self-confident. You're liked by
many people and are held in high respect.

What Ska Band Are You?
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Compassion: You are there to share your sympathy
with others. People would consider you
affectionate and caring, and someone to look up

Which Characteristic From the Samurai Code Matches You Best? (You may find out your best trait)
brought to you by Quizilla
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so long has passed that i forgot to count [Dec. 19th, 2003|12:01 am]
[mood |apatheticapathetic]
[music |life of agony- weeds]

my week kind of seems like a blur. its kinda weird. i seem to be feeling like lillian does about this town. i feel like i need to bust out of this joint! haha. i've been feeling like i don't give a shit about stuff like work. i sort of told my boss about it today. i told her something like "feeling hopeless because i know i don't fit into the standards of what they consider to be a good employee". she said not to give up but shit just seems kinda fucked up with me right now. i don't know what it is. my body just feels fucked up. my wrists and hands have been hurting big time and especially at work. i practically type 7 1/2 hrs straight so its no wonder they're like this. tomorrow is friday and i'm soo fucking glad.
yesterday i got all emo. it was dumb. i had to go to the rr and cry and be all dumb. no one asked me anything, so that was good.
i have big plans for the weekend...kinda. lol. i will be out and about doing my christmas shopping. it should be fun. i really want to color my hair too!!! it is sooo boring having it this dark brown in the front and my natural hair in the back.
i've seen some pretty interesting as well as inspiring things on tv as well as in real life this week. last night it was oprah in africa on abc. at the club i went to last night, it was the dj. today it was primetime and real sex. hehe. i don't know what to make of it all yet. one day i'll do something...until then i'll just keep thinking about it. lol. i'm fucking tired. i have to get up early to shower tomorrow. i was supposed to today but that didn't happen. lol. i'm out. adios!
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you got me feelin' hella good so i'm gonna keep on dancin' [Dec. 17th, 2003|02:05 am]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |no doubt- hella good]

today was my first day walking but i know this week i'm not going to stick to it. i still have my period right now...which is like day 9 when the usual is only 5 days. something is super fucked up and i dunno what yet. i'm pretty sure when i call my doctor they're going to want me to come in sometime this week. my wrists/hands are also giving me tons of trouble. i hate it. it is like i have no control over it. at work i'm typing like a mad man trying to acheive my aht of 24secs so i can be a quality employee and bullshit like that but sometimes i'm like, is this really worth it? i dunno. the benefits are going to be great and all but this da is bs. i need to go see my specialist. he's super. if i go i'm gonna try to wrap up a few things in one visit. haha. it will be my wrists, hands, and left part of my back. i think i need a new bed....and while i'm at it..new wrists...j/k. right now its already past 2...i'm soooooo not going to get up early to go walking. i'm going to try to go into work early tomorrow and talk to my supervisor about the problems with my wrists. i'll just have to make sure to take my meds before i go to work so i don't get all emo. lol. oh yeah, some bitch was using my operator code today...i was like "no way!!!". she totally fucked up my aht today. i was pissed! i fucking swear it was between 25 and 27 today. i was pissed. yesterday for the majority of the day it was 24 then at the end it went up to 25. i was okay about that. today just blew kinda. oh yeah, and to top it off its fucking COLD at work everyday. how fucking hard is it to keep the temperature at a decent level? ok, i need to stop bitching at shit i can't change. fuck this...i'm going to bed. lol. adios!
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